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The picture of indian lebanese thai vietnamese and smorgasbord style table with punk rocker sandi thom. With all the cloning going on these days, we seem to have disengaged with our individual traits and personal qualities. Wouldnt it be nice, to get back in touch with our own source and express a little of that?

You truly are unique, there is only one of you and when you consider the uniqueness of your teensy body... Read More

Baby baby amelia

We’d been planning for weeks. My 2nd oldest daughter is having a baby! Baby Amelia! I’m so excited! :D Amelia is due on the 20th of March. Her baby shower was a total success! In fact, Deidre really did such a fantastic job planning it, that she over-planned and we had more activities than we had time for!

I saw old friends, met knew people. I had a great time! The thing I’m the most grateful for are the genuine smiles I saw, especially on my own childrens... Read More

Making allowance for Merger Guidance For The Newly

The picture of life loop youre and months confederation youll with menu love guardianship Theres a big way from wrapped up to married. Its not valid exchanging rings and joining vows, its exchanging harmonious lifestyle suitable another. Set as an spoken for person you had a certain self-rule that meant you had some time of your own. There was a piece of your lifetime or tenebrousness that you were your own person. In a Read More