The Cubicle s Backporch 2008

2. My mom had to threaten me in order to get me to wear a bra, and I would run home after school, take it off, and throw it behind the bathroom door hoping it would get lost.

Yes, I am a boob girl. But back then? I was POSITIVE that the bra was going to get in the way of my life. (And hello? What would the boys think if they knew I was wearing a bra. SO embarrassing!)

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Lately, all I can think about is Valentines Day. Id like to say that it is because I get to do something special with my husband. But that would be a lie. Ya, I am totally in it for the gifts. Give me presents. Take me to dinner. Pick me flowers. Write me a love letter. I dont care what it is that you do, but you had better do something to let me know that you thought of me today. I cook your food, so you had better make me happy.

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The Cubicle s Backporch 2012

The picture of future daughter law and mrcs mom home Its safe to say weve been through a lot. Deaths, births, job loss, job changes, graduation, depressions, big fights, little fights, buying houses, moving. weve been through a lot. That being said, I fully believe that we are getting ready to face our hardest obstacle yet.

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Return to the Salt Mine and 5 Crucial Relationship

The picture of days hahaah ohhh and school career change with fun options relationships Ive spent the last week back in the office as my leave is very much over. My leave of absence was absolutely a life-changing experience and I wholeheartedly recommend it. But yes, Im back at work. I definitely wanted to give it my all and felt refreshed and ready. And this feeling lasted three days. hahaah, ohhh dear. I kept wondering, why... Read More