Year christmas list

The picture of year christmas list and tune ish people with post lightning deals Last year, I struggled so much with Christmas! I was working, but yet we were trying to save up for maternity leave and baby and I didnt have a lot to spend. We didnt have much to throw at Christmas, to be honest. Of course, I believe that Christmas is about SO much more than gifts, and gifts are one reason that Christmas isnt my favorite holiday... Read More

Mind fire day

In this, the month of February and the month of love, it seems only appropriate to discuss and examine the thought that is on every discerning persons mind: What would Nietzsche say about all of this? Quiet likely he would turn to whoever had the gall to ask and say, after what would be a torturous rearrangement of his crotch, let the women and others of the street suffer as I have suffered; their loins burning and their mind on fire. A day for love is no more then a day to celebrate... Read More

Spending hundreds dollars

The picture of spending hundreds dollars and people post pictures with search posts threads Have you ever wondered how you could try a gorgeous woven wrap for your baby without spending hundreds of dollars? Actually, without spending anything except a shipping fee? Yes?! Then stay with me.

If youve been with me for any length of time, you know I am all about babywearing. When my son was little, I couldnt get enough of... Read More