I finally got around to trying out my first Nerf gun repaint. It ended up looking really cool but I put so much paint on it, the gun does not work anymore. I am going to call this one a costume gun because it looks cool but is not useable as a Nerf gun. T

The picture of game boy advance and school nintendo nut with request item page Today I did a quick stop at the goodwill near my work and found just a few things. I found this interesting puzzle. I never heard of the Rubiks Clock but apparently it came out in 1988. for $.99 I had to buy it and take it home to solve it. Here is a link to learn more about it.

I also found this game boy advance for a friend at work who is an... Read More

Feel Comfortable, Stay Beautiful

The picture of indian attire girls and evergreen fashion tops with crop tops tang tops Girls are the beautiful creatures created by God. You cant beat them in arguments as well as in creativity also. On one hand a girl can be creative and on the other hand she can be simple, everything depends on her mood. She can adopt the look of a glamorous diva as well as she can look simple yet gorgeous in Indian attire. So girls are... Read More

Quality substitute uggs youd

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Michael Jordan, the Pimp

The picture of pimp hes pimp game and hes pimp game with ball players hook This title is a bit misleading because MJ was never a pimp, but if he was a pimp, hes “pimp game” would be crazy. Just think about all the hard work the greatest ball player put into making his game the stuff of legends and youll get an idea of how much time he would have put into his back hand. The signature slap of a true pimp. Think about... Read More

UGG Australia debuts its Spring 2013 collection

Given my new-found love for UGG, I was more than happy to pop down to the Richmond store to be walked around the new Spring 2016 collection, which has just gone on shelf. If youve ever thought UGG delivered nothing more than the classic knee high or ankle suede boot with fluffy sheepskin lining, then think again. The brand brings a whole lot more in shoe-fabulous to dress up your feet and the Spring collection, inspired by the Marrakech Bazaar and so bursting with beautiful jewel tones and... Read More

What to Know Before Getting a Medical Alert Tattoo while Having Epilepsy

Chris Millerwas never a tattoo guy. He describes himself as quiet and introverted, someone who tries to please others.But two years ago at age 42, the newspaperreporter inEdmonton,Canadagot inked for the first time. Its my one and only, says Miller, whos currently on medical leave.

Millers tattoo isnt intended to make a political statement, inspire him, express an artistic sideor,honor someoneor something. Rather, its meant to notify medical professionals that he has Type 1 diabetesin... Read More