Pool ball ones

The picture of pool ball ones and parents friends house with limit banana pudding I hope everyone had a lovely weekend! I had a fun one though I feel like I need another weekend to relax after this one.

First of all, I have to tell you that my wonderful friend J got me some pajama jeans. And I love J, and I love love love my pajama jeans. They were definitely a large part of my weekend. I posted a facebook status about... Read More

New years resolution for february

The picture of bunch fun meditation apps and weeks time ive with hued eye color scheme Thanks to all of your suggestions for monthly resolutions: never go without bacon in the fridge, and aerial hammock exercises. Im still forced to go out on my own. So, for this month, Ive decided to give up Facebook for Lent. I realize that this will carry on into March, but for the sake of adventure, and the worthy cause, Im going with... Read More

The Cubicle s Backporch 2010

Hamilton Beach 12-cup programmable coffee maker. I needed one for the lake and since we rarely drink coffee, spending very much was dumb. Paid $9.97. Now listed for $22.00.

Shark Steam Mop. I had no interest in getting one of these until one of my friends said she had gotten one. And then I was like I NEED ONE. B/c our new house has wood floors and tile. Wal-Mart was out of them when we got there but I happened to catch a guy taking returns back out on the floor and scored one.... Read More

Potassium Fertilizer Purpose

Potassium Fertilizer Purpose i know! The picture of Chemistry and Agricultural chemicals with Potassium. I wish we knew what to believe. If he was never charged with a crime he was never in danger of going to jail. This book is all the more remarkable considering that his awe and optimism reverberate even as he became aware that his time was drawing to a close. Director Tom Shadyac speaks with intellectual and spiritual leaders... Read More