Spending hundreds dollars

The picture of spending hundreds dollars and people post pictures with search posts threads Have you ever wondered how you could try a gorgeous woven wrap for your baby without spending hundreds of dollars? Actually, without spending anything except a shipping fee? Yes?! Then stay with me.

If youve been with me for any length of time, you know I am all about babywearing. When my son was little, I couldnt get enough of having him in the carrier, and to this day, he still likes to be worn at 2 and a half. Ive had so many different kinds of carriers, but I consider myself a pretty new wrapper. If youre not familiar with all things babywearing, when I say wrap, I mean a long, woven piece of fabric you can tie 100 ways from Sunday.

And I know it sounds crazy, but these things go for hundreds of dollars. Yes, I used to think that was totally insane and I had a $75 hand-dyed wrap that I bought used for my first wrap. After you try some nicewraps though, you realize that you truly get what you pay for in a wrap. Its crazy, but a really nice piece of woven fabric can make a giant toddler feel absolutely weightless on your back.

I have been so interested in Tekhni wraps because I think theyre absolutely beautiful, and Ive heard great things about them, but everyone prefers different things in a wrap. I really didnt want to spend a ton of money on a Tekhni before Id had a chance to try them out. The best way for me to get to know thebrand better was to try to get a traveling wrap.Individuals sometimes send their wraps out to people with older/bigger babies so that the wrap can be broken in and easy to use by the time the owners baby is born. And in some cases, wrap makers actually send out samples of their wraps to travel for awhile.

It doesnt cost you anything to host a wrap, but you do pay shipping to your next host, and you need to send it with tracking and enough insurance to cover the cost of the wrap. Still, a shipping charge for a week with a wrap to play with is well worth it in my opinion! So I got lucky enough to get a traveling Tekhni for a week (and to sign up for more in the coming weeks). If youd like to try a traveling wrap, heres what you need to know!

How to Snag a Traveler:

Join Wrap Facebook Groups And Participate!

Once I got some insight into the world of wraps, I discovered there are different Facebook groups for each brand of wrap. People post pictures, get excited about new releases, post what wrap theyre searching for, swap wraps, and sell wraps. Those groups sometimes also have opportunities for people whod like to host a traveling wrap. If youre an active part of the group, chances are that youll notice when someone posts a wanted ad for hosts for a wrap. You can also check the in search of posts or threads for a particular group and see if anyone has a wrap who needs some places to visit. The more you participate in the group, even if its just liking photos, the better your chances of getting a traveling wrap from a fellow member.

Have a Babywearing Feedback Link

There are a ton of babywearing swap groups on Facebook, and almost all of them have their own correlating feedback groups. Most people who want to send a wrap traveling will want to see positive feedback for their hosts. You have to realize that theyre sending out something that is (in some cases) worth hundreds of dollars, and they need to trust that youre going to be honest and responsible with it. This isnt to say that you have to have done 100 different wrap transactions with feedback documented. If youve never bought or sold a carrier in one of the Facebook groups, or maybe you didnt get feedback for it, you can usually substitute feedback from other websites. Etsy, eBay, , or any other large website where youre being judged on your ability to participate in a fair, honest transaction are all helpful evidence that youll make a good host. Have all of those links prepared when you message someone to inquire about hosting their wrap.

Keep Your Eyes Open for Chances to Join Traveler Groups

In one group Im in, there was a short window of time where people could ask to join a secret wrap traveling group, where someone from the wrap company is the administrator. This particular group has almost every style of wrap that the brand makes. Theyre all out traveling around, so there are tons of chances to try out different things. Once youre in the group, youll need to keep an eye out for when host sign ups for particular wraps are going to happen. Jump on them when you see them, because they usually fill up within minutes. As long as you set yourself a reminder and make sure youre on the sign up page as soon as it opens, you have a great shot at getting a host spot.

When Youre Hosting a Wrap:

Report ANY Flaws Right Away

And I really do mean ANY flaws. Go over the wrap carefully when you get it, and make sure you let the owner or the group admin know that there are stains, shifted threads, or pulls, as soon as you pull it out of the package. Document with photo evidence if necessary. Its normal for wraps to get some pulls and shifted threads, and they can be fixed, but you just need to make sure that you dont get blamed for somehow damaging the wrap. With that in mind

I am the first to tell you that Im not easy on my wraps. Theyre meant to carry babies and a lot of times, that needs to happen outside when your tails might touch the ground. Babies can also be nasty little creatures who get slobber or other bodily fluids on your wrap. None of that is a big deal. Just be a courteous host and dont be around cigarette or campfire smoke with your wrap, try not to do a ton of cooking that could subject your wrap to stains or smells, and try to pull your dog off of it when she wants to burrow into it. Maybe youll only have that problem if you have a weenie dog named Brenda, but you know. Add it to the list anyway.

Wash If Needed, But Get Permission First!

Frances can be a little rude, and she pooped on my traveling wrap. You can always count on France for an inopportune diaper blowout! No way was I sending a traveling wrap on to the next host with poo on it. I made sure to ask the group admin if it was okay if I washed the wrap and explained the situation. I also checked with her that it was okay to use Charlies Soap on it. Most people will say that it needs to be washed in a detergent without optical brighteners, so dont throw it in your washer with your regular Tide. I also use the delicate cycle and tumble dry low heat to make sure I dont mess up or shrink the wrap.

Let The Next Host or Owner When You Pass the Wrap On

Make sure you get a tracking number, you ship on time, and you let the owner/admin know that youve shipped, as well as the next host. It helps everything run smoothly and gives everyone peace of mind that the wrap isnt floating around without a home. Remember that a lot of these wraps cost a lot of money, and some have sentimental value to their owners, so treat them well.

And thats everything you need to know about hosting a traveling wrap! Have you ever hosted a wrap? What was your experience like?

Ira was 6 days old the first time I wore him, and it worked like a charm. He slept the whole time, and he was nice and warm all zipped into my jacket.

The Moby wrap is basically a really long piece of fabric that gets skinnier toward the ends that you wrap around yourself and then put your baby into. You can carry them like I have Ira in the above photo, you can carry them facing you with legs out (with fabric between you or not), and you can do a hip carry when theyre older. Moby actually has really easy instructionshere.

The biggest complaint that I have heard from people about the Moby wrap is that they cant figure it out, or that its hard to use because its one long piece of fabric. I can totally relate, especially if youre new to baby wearing.

Heres what I recommend: wait until your baby is full and happy, maybe even asleep if hes still teeny tiny and can be moved around without waking up. If your baby starts screaming because hes otherwise mad about something, youre going to curse my name and all things baby wearing.

Start when youre at home, either by yourself, or with just one other person to hold the baby or help you wrap. Dont wait to bust it out in front of the in-laws, your cousins, or all of your friends from work who just came over to hang out. Youll be stressed, youll try to learn it too fast, and you will (again) curse my name for recommending this blankety-blank wrap.

Also, when youre ready to put the baby in, stand in front of your bed so you wont be stressed about dropping the baby. Of course you arent going to drop the baby, but its a lot easier to be relaxed if your baby is over a high bed rather than over an asphalt parking lot, or your kitchen tiles.

If you wrap it and it doesnt feel right to you, take the baby out and try again. As long as your baby will work with you, keep trying it. It might take one or two tries to figure out how youre both comfortable in it.

To wear a newborn in your Moby, you wrap it onto yourself and then put your babys legs in the froggy position (like they want to be anyway) and pull all the fabric around them. If your baby is older, youre basically doing the same thing, except youre letting their legs hang out.

If you have a brand new baby, this carrier is one of my favorites, because it keeps your baby warm no matter how chilly it is outside. Even if the weather is warm, if your baby is anything like mine, he likes to be a little hotbox.

I also like it because its a one-size carrier no need to buy a bigger one if dad wants to use it.

Its a very secure carrier, and one of my first choices if Ill be doing chores, cooking, or wearing for a long time. I feel like Ira is really comfy in it, and the fabric is soft and doesnt seem to aggravate his skin, even when Im wearing for a long time. Its also nice because its a one-size carrier.I can wear it, PB can wear it, and Mimi can wear it.

The only drawbacks are that the tails are really long, so I dont like to use it if were out and about too often. Nobody wants their tails dragging in the Walmart parking lot. Barf. Also, now that I have a 15 pound chunky monkey, I have to tie it pretty tight or it feels like hes sliding down in it/stretching it out a lot. Technically you can use it until baby is 35 pounds, but I cant imagine how much hed stretch it at that point.

The Moby is still one of my favorite newborn options, and one of my favorite cold weather options! Definitely deserves a place in your baby-wearing stash.

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