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The picture of diamond engagement rings and day diamond engagement rings with wedding ring sets Couples who want their diamond engagement rings to have a vintage style can opt for rings with cushion cut diamonds. Cushion cut diamonds boasts an attractive antique flair and also has a romantic shape.

How does a cushion cut diamond looks? As the name suggests, these diamonds resemble overstuffed set cushions. They are either rectangular or square in shape and are marked by puffy bodies and rounded corners. These diamonds look significantly different from other more common cuts like princess, oval or emerald cuts; however, the cushion cut diamonds have similarities with each of these 3 popular cuts. Whether you want your cushion cut diamond engagement rings to be rectangular or square depends completely on your personal preference. According to experts, they both look equally gorgeous.

The popularity of cushion cut diamonds dates back to the late 1800s and the initial years of the 1900s. During those days, these diamonds were often also referred to as pillow cut diamonds as they looked like plump pillows. Some also called it candlelight diamond; this is because the cushion cut diamonds were cut in a way so that they look brilliant even in candlelight. Due to several modifications and advancements in lapidary skills, the cushion cut diamonds of the current generation are more symmetrical compared to their older counterparts. However, still you will rarely find cushion cuts used in pieces other than antique diamond engagement rings.

Unlike the diamonds used in modern-day diamond engagement rings, which come with 80 or more facets, the cushion cut diamonds possess 60 facets. As a result, the fire and sparkle of these vintage diamonds are much less when compared to the round diamonds and diamonds with more precise shape. In addition to all these, some cushion cut diamonds include cutlets into the stones for adding depth to them. If the cutlet incorporated into the stone is too big in size, it will end up creating an ugly shadow and spoil the stone?s beauty. As the cushion cut diamond rings come with fewer facets, these rings often struggle when it comes to their clarity. Due to lack of enough facets, even the slightest flaws in these diamonds get noticed easily.

Cushion cut is still not used frequently in modern rings. These diamonds works best as solitaires; the main reason behind this is that a solitaire draws your eye only to the main piece i.e. the diamond. However, individuals who want to add accent stones to their diamond engagement rings can opt for complementary styles like trilliant and oval shapes. Mostly, the accent stones are either set on the channels or kept subdued; this is done to ensure that people do not get distracted from the rare (cushion-like) shape of the actual stone.

The setting that is most common in cushion cut diamond engagement rings is the 4-prong arrangement. This setting holds the diamond securely and does not allow its shape to get obscured. You will also come across older cushion cut diamond engagement rings with up to 8 prongs. The designers suggest not using more than 8 prongs as it might spoil the shape of the diamonds and the overall look of the diamond engagement rings.

You can also use cushion cut diamonds in your wedding ring sets, if you want them to have a vintage tinge.

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