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The picture of arrival date packages and skin care products with dermstore bonus botique Dermstore is known as todays number one online destination for skin care and beauty. One of the things that sets Dermstore apart from other skin care and beauty retailers is that Dermstore does not just carry beauty brands but rather, it also carries physician prescribed and medically formulated products. One of the reasons for Dermstore being this way is that it was actually founded by a Board Certified Dermatologist. Given this, Dermstore strives to maintain, preserve and promote skin care and beauty on a more educated, medically-tested level. Rather than just selling brand names or fancy labels, Dermstore gives people the genuinely effective products for their beauty and skin care regimens.

Dermstore ships both domestically within the contingent United States and internationally around the world. For all standard domestic orders, Dermstore offers shipping absolutely free. Although the exact arrival date of packages varies from state to state, standard domestic shipments typically take 2-7 working days. For orders made above $100, Dermstore rewards its customers with free 2-day shipments wherein the arrival time for packages typically takes only 2 days. For those who wish to speed up their deliveries, Dermstore offers the overnight delivery option. With overnight delivery, the arrival time of the package is usually just one day after it has been shipped out; the cost of this is about $30. As for international shipping, Dermstore makes use of UPS International and the cost is at about $80. Total delivery times usually fall between 7-10 working days.

Most Dermstore beauty and skin care products are about 15 25% cheaper than the standard market price. Despite this, however, the Dermstore site offers special sales on certain items wherein one can get items at an even lower cost. At the Dermstore Bonus Botique, for example, items are typically priced at 40-60% cheaper than the standard market price. As a special bonus, Dermstore includes free samples with every Dermstore purchase made. By buying at Dermstore therefore, one gets quality items at a lower cost along with a handful of freebies every time.

At the Dermstore site, one can choose from a wide variety of beauty and skin care products. As they carry over 600 well-trusted, top quality brands, there is definitely something for everybody at Dermstore. Although not all the well-known, aggressively advertised brands may be available at Dermstore, what is available are brands that are dermatologically tested and oriented to work.

As general categories, Dermstore offers products according to physician strength, luxury, spa, skin care, cosmetics, hair care, for men, fragrance, tools and body. Dermstore is so extensive in its selections that for skin care alone, one can purchase a handful of products such as cleansers, creams, eye creams, eye gels, facial sunscreen, lip treatments, spot treatments, lotions, masks, moisturizers, night creams, serums, spritzers and toners. Under cosmetics, one can make purchases for blushes, concealers, lip stains, makeup removers, body bronzers, lip plumpers, nail polishes, nail treatments, primers, eyeliners, highlighters, foundations and whole makeup palettes. As for the men, Dermstore also has some offerings. Under the For Men category, Dermstore has entire lines of mens body, cosmetics, hair care, shaving cream and skin care products.

One of the great things about Dermstore is that while there is such a wide selection of beauty and skin care products to choose from, most if not all of them come fully equipped with ratings and reviews made by other customers themselves.

Customer Service

In terms of returns, Dermstore offers a 100% money back guarantee. As outlined by the guarantee, if within 30 days of purchasing an item, one is in some way dissatisfied with it, one can send the item back and receive ones money back, minus shipping costs. Along with returning the item, however, one must also give back all print material (including the packing slip) as well as all freebies that came with the purchased item.

Given the unique yet high quality selection that Dermstore offers to its customers, it is definitely a cut above most other beauty and skin care retailers. Rather than just sticking with the brand names and labels that sell, Dermstore dares to offer its customers more unknown yet medically effective products. Along with this genuine sense of concern, it is also beneficial to the customers that Dermstore provides free samples of new products with every purchase. Through this, customers will be exposed to new and possibly efficient products that may help them get improve, preserve or maximize on something they already have. Also, it is good that Dermstore provides customer reviews and ratings on most of its products as other customers less familiar with certain items may find a reason to try them out and see how effective they truly are.

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