Bigg Boss 9 28th 2015 Written Episode Update

The picture of Bigg Boss 2 and Bigg Boss with Rochelle Salman comes on phase and says it was tough week for inmates, they had to work hard in jobs and the thing which never occurred, took place in this season, Bigg employer opened doors and asked inmates who dont wan na reside in house, simply get out, all faces were light, lets see exactly what happened.

In bigg employer house, gates of house are opened. Mandana ask for... Read More

You Will Meet a Stranger in Grey Sweatpants, Or Do Clothes Make the Man

The picture of beachy print shirt and grad school angst with berkeley nineties grunge So this got me thinking about important stylistic questions, such as do clothes make a man? As I demonstrated yesterday with the photo of my septuagenarian parents, I do believe that personal style and presentation reflect a certain something about people. A sense of pride, creativity, attention to detail, maybe even an eagerness to please.... Read More